About - Matt Chesebrough Photography

About me

My name is Matt Chesebrough.  I take photos to share the world with people.  To share the immensity, wonder and inspire people to venture out on their own so they too will work to share the world with others and work to save this tiny blue spot in space.

My earliest artistic pursuits were pencil and paper, drawing animals in the states I lived, Florida and Missouri. My father encouraged me to sign my work, so around the age of 5 I created a signature that I still use today. Some time in my early teens my mom gave me her old Canon Ftb and I was hooked. Something about looking through the lens and working to capture the world on film was exciting.

During summer vacations our family would load into the car and head to some new part of the country. It was during these times that I gained the desire to see the world. Since “becoming an adult” I have had the opportunity to travel the world both for work and for pleasure and my camera is always in hand. I like exploring new places and learning what makes them unique. The camera has helped to start conversations and meet people around the world who I otherwise wouldn’t have had the chance to meet. I am always blown away at the smiles of strangers when I ask if I can take their picture and their curiosity to see themselves after the shots are taken.

When I am not on an adventure I am usually researching the next one.

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