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Matt Chesebrough Photography

Driven by my passion for the outdoors, I strive to create fine art landscape images that capture unique and inspiring moments.

My name is Matt Chesebrough. Welcome to my page.

I’ve been fascinated with nature my whole life. Growing up in the Ozarks, I spent my childhood exploring the hills, forests, and rivers near my home. I enjoyed the sense of peace I felt while hiking or just sitting in my “thinking spot”; a perch on a bluff overlooking the Big Piney River and the hillsides beyond.

My parents encouraged my curiosity about the natural world. My dad, who had been a draftsman taught me to draw. He would help me sketch pictures of animals, trees, and houses. He taught me how to create a sense of three dimensions from a two-dimensional surface. He also had me create a signature to use when I finished a piece of work. I’ve been using the same signature since I was ten.

While dad was the pencil and paper artist, mom was the photographer. She was the one who documented the family vacations, birthdays, and all the other events that parents like to capture. Mom turned over her Canon FTb SLR to me as a teenager when my artistic pursuits grew from sketching the things I saw before my eyes to wanting to capture their essence in photographs. Since it was 35mm and film was expensive, I limited my shooting to areas near our home and on our family vacations. Most of this early work was just trial and error, but I still loved being able to document the world around me.

In addition to teaching me about art, my parents also helped me find a love of travel. Like a lot of families, we were blessed with the opportunity to travel during the summer months. My folks would load my sister and me into the car and head off across the country. From snowball fights on the side of the road in Colorado to camping in the Smoky Mountains of the Carolinas, we considered ourselves fortunate. These trips opened my eyes to the world and lit the fire of my wanderlust.

I put the camera away for most of my college career as studying to become a mechanical engineer took a lot of time. I had always been good at math and science and was interested in learning how things worked. Engineering was a good course of study because it allowed me to learn how to create things with my hands that were new and unique. It also provided opportunities for travel that have since inspired me to follow my passion for photography.

Since “becoming an adult” I have had the opportunity to travel the world both for work and for pleasure. My camera is always in hand. I like exploring new places and learning what makes them unique. The camera has helped to start conversations and meet people around the world who I otherwise wouldn’t have had the chance to meet. I am always blown away at the smiles of strangers when I ask if I can take their picture and their curiosity to see themselves after the shots are taken. These moments help to make me feel like the world is a little smaller and warmer place.

I like sharing these moments with my family, friends, and anyone who is interested. It is my hope that the photos I take might inspire people to venture out on their own to see places they aspire to see.


Sharing the World With Others

I believe that the world is an amazing place. It is made even better when we have a chance to share travel experiences with others. I work to share the stories and lessons learned from the images I post on my website and here.

Inspiring a Sense of Adventure

Taking a chance on myself to quit my career in engineering to start my own company has been an incredible experience. I’ve taken the opportunity to travel the world in the pursuit of capturing unique moments of nature. I strive to create art and share stories that inspire my audience to take a chance on themselves and pursue their own adventures.

Making a Difference For the Planet

As a landscape photographer, I have the chance to spend days and weeks exploring the wonders of the world. From the depths of the ocean to the top of mountains I’ve gained an appreciation for both the scale and fragility of the planet. This appreciation led me to incorporate giving of time, talent and treasure to conservation initiatives. In part, this is a selfish pursuit so that there are still beautiful landscapes to photograph, but also because I care about the future of the planet.

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