COMPANY PRINCIPLES - Matt Chesebrough Photography


Sharing the World With Others

I believe that the world is an amazing place. It is made even better when we have a chance to share travel experiences with others. I work to share the stories and lessons learned from the images I post on my website and here.

Inspiring a Sense of Adventure

Taking a chance on myself to quit my career in engineering to start my own company has been an incredible experience. I’ve taken the opportunity to travel the world in the pursuit of capturing unique moments of nature. I strive to create art and share stories that inspire my audience to take a chance on themselves and pursue their own adventures.

Making a Difference For the Planet

As a landscape photographer, I have the chance to spend days and weeks exploring the wonders of the world. From the depths of the ocean to the top of mountains I’ve gained an appreciation for both the scale and fragility of the planet. This appreciation led me to incorporate giving of time, talent and treasure to conservation initiatives. In part, this is a selfish pursuit so that there are still beautiful landscapes to photograph, but also because I care about the future of the planet.

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