visualizing your space

I'd like to take a moment to work through an exercise with you.

I want you to think of a location in your home or office where you might hang a piece of art.
What space are you thinking of?
How large do you think that space might be?

photography is art

Photographs are meant to be printed and seen. Displaying pieces of art that bring us joy. Bringing people together. Large or small photographs are treasured possessions.

art is an investment

Choosing art to display throughout your space is not a small undertaking. Whether you are looking for a centerpiece to bring a common space together or an accent for a smaller area you spend your time to get it just right.

investments should last

If you spend your time searching for just the right piece of art for your space, you want that art to last. For this reason, I've partnered with Bayphoto Lab to offer photographic art that is printed using premium materials. With over 40 years of serving the photographic community, Bayphoto has a proven track record for delivering art that exceeds expectations. I use them for my own persoal pieces because I believe in the work they do.

Products made in the USA.

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