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Making a difference for the planet

Why is this important

Personally, as a country boy from Southern Missouri, many of my best childhood memories are of spending time in nature. The forests and rivers I played in and studied were a gift from those who came before me. I may not have appreciated them as such at the time, but as an adult I do see them this way.

Second, out of respect for those who come afterwards. I want to do my part to ensure future generations can make their own memories in wild spaces.

Finally, perhaps a little selfishly, I make my living as a landscape photographer. I travel the world seeking out beautiful moments to share with my clients. I'm old enough to have seen the changes the world is undergoing, and am concerned about how I have added to that change. And what the future holds for opportunities to capture beautiful moments.

What does making a difference look like for Matt Chesebrough Photography

As a one person company I am but a small fish in the ocean, but I believe that I have a responsibility to do my part to make the world a better place. Starting Matt Chesebrough Photography pushed me to think about how the choices I make impact those around me. My vision of making a difference for the planet means the following. Giving time, talent, and treasure to organizations that amplify my single voice.


Be a proactive giver of time. Seek opportunities that allow service to conservation organizations. Examples include:

  • Trail maintenance days
  • Photographing events
  • Beach cleanups


Use my skills to support ongoing activities. Examples include:

  • Photographing ad campaigns
  • Photographing events
  • Speaking engagements


Putting my money where my mouth is

  • Donating a portion of company revenue
  • 1% of Gross Sales donated to One Percent for the Planet (Sales up to $150,000).
  • 2.5% of Gross Sales donated to One Percent for the Planet (Sales $150,001 to $250,000).
  • 5% of Gross Sales donated to One Percent for the Planet (Sales over $250,000).
  • x% donated to California Wilderness Coalition

Partnering With Regional Organizations

Any tangible product comes at a cost.

Resources are consumed and pollution produced. I'm committed to making up for more than my share of these costs.

Coming Soon: Carbon Offsets

I'm working to calculate my carbon offsets for this year and prior years traveling and product creation. More information to come.

All of us can make a difference

Thank you for letting me share what is going on at Matt Chesebrough Photography. I hope that what you have seen here will encourage you to pursue organizations to make a difference in the world.

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