Making A Difference For The Planet

Why is this important

Personally, as a country boy from Southern Missouri, many of my best childhood memories are of spending time in nature. The forests and rivers I played in and studied were a gift from those who came before me. I may not have appreciated them as such at the time, but as an adult I do see them this way.

Second, out of respect for those who come afterwards. I want to do my part to ensure future generations can make their own memories in wild spaces.

Finally, perhaps a little selfishly, I make my living as a landscape photographer. I travel the world seeking out beautiful moments to share with my clients. I'm old enough to have seen the changes the world is undergoing, and am concerned about how I have added to that change. And what the future holds for opportunities to capture beautiful moments.

What does making a difference look like for Matt Chesebrough Photography

As a one person company I am but a small fish in the ocean, but I believe that I have a responsibility to do my part to make the world a better place. Starting Matt Chesebrough Photography pushed me to think about how the choices I make impact those around me. My vision of making a difference for the planet means the following. Giving time, talent, and treasure to organizations that amplify my single voice.


Be a proactive giver of time. Seek opportunities that allow service to conservation organizations. Examples include:

  • Trail maintenance days
  • Photographing events
  • Beach cleanups


Use my skills to support ongoing activities. Examples include:

  • Photographing ad campaigns
  • Photographing events
  • Speaking engagements


Putting my money where my mouth is. Donating a portion of company revenue.

  • 1% of Gross Sales donated to One Percent for the Planet (Sales up to $150,000).
  • 2.5% of Gross Sales donated to One Percent for the Planet (Sales $150,001 to $250,000).
  • 5% of Gross Sales donated to One Percent for the Planet (Sales over $250,000).
  • x% donated to California Wilderness Coalition

Partnering With Regional Organizations

Partnering With International Organizations

Coming Soon: Carbon Offsets

Any tangible product comes at a cost.

Resources are consumed and pollution produced. I'm committed to making up for more than my share of these costs. 

I'm working to calculate my carbon offsets for this year and prior years traveling and product creation. More information to come.

All of us can make a difference

Thank you for letting me share what is going on at Matt Chesebrough Photography. I hope that what you have seen here will encourage you to pursue organizations to make a difference in the world.

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